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what we offer

Hundreds Of Auto Repair & Tire Services

Change Oil & Filter

Regular oil changes are generally considered the most important main tenance service for your car.

Battery Replacement

A car battery is an energy storage device that relies on a chemical reaction within the battery to produce.

Belts & Hoses

The belts and hoses to the care are very important pieces, but are wearing every time they are used.  

Car Diagnostic

A car battery is an energy storage device that relies on a chemical reaction within the battery to produce.

A/C Charge

In Arizona A/C in your car is needed to travel anywhere in the summer.  If your A/C isn't cold, come see us!  We have experianced and speedy techs who specialize here.

Tires & Wheels

We sell all kinds of tires and rims.  We mount and balance all tires installed.  FREE AIR if your tires are running low and we also do tire repiars / patches if you do need one.

why choose us

Offering a Wide Range Repair Services

We are a full service tire and auto shop that provides new tires, tire repairs, oil changes, brakes, belts/hoses, A/C, batteries and more! We are your one stop shop in Buckeye, AZ for complete tire and auto repair. If you are wanting new wheels/rims, we do that too! WE OFFER FINANCING ON EVERYTHING! Ask about how you can get the services and products you want and pay over time.

Maintenance Services

Sertified Repair Services

Car Wheel Services

popular faq

Learn More From Our Popular FAQ`s

/01What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative Maintenance is regular maintenance of your vehicle that helps keep your automobile running efficiently and eliminating potential problems that may leave you stranded.

/02Why is my check engine light on?

The check engine light can come on for a variety of reasons.  Some of these reason are small like a loose gas cap, while others are more serious. If your check engine light is on, please come in and let us diagnose why.

/03How often should I rotate my tires?

Tire rotation is different from car to car.  Some cars have different tire sizes on the back than the front, so full rotation can't be done on those cars.  Regular cars should be rotated around 1500 - 3000 miles.

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