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Importance of Regular Oil Change 

If you’re thinking about skipping an oil change, don’t. Your vehicle will not be kind to you if you’re not kind to it. Taking care of your car by maintaining a routinely oil change is essential. Without it, you might as well set the car on fire! Here are why oil changes are crucial to your vehicle’s lifespan… 

After a fresh oil change, you can feel the difference in the engine’s performance. The moving parts in an engine cause friction which produces heat and the oil helps to lubricate the engine, reducing the heat. An oil change also assists in clearing dirt and debris. A properly lubricated and clean engine results in better engine performance.  

Gas prices are constantly going up and hardly coming back down. No matter how much gas costs, it doesn’t change what kind of mileage your vehicle gets… that’s all up to you. Regular oil changes lead to better gas mileage. A dirty engine with old oil causes more friction and more visits to the gas pump.  

Keep your car, truck, or SUV for as long as you can by getting the oil changed when it is due. The newer vehicles typically warn you but on the older ones, you may just have to mark it in your calendar. For any questions or to schedule an oil change, West Valley Tires is here to help! 623-386-6974